Garden Homes, LLC: Poor Standing

This provider's licence has been suspended by
the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Suspended on: 2016-11-28

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Currently serving individuals with developmental disabilities.
Currently seeking referrals.
Agency Provider


709 Madison Ave
Suite 306
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Main: (419) 214-0737
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Kenisha White
Phone: (419) 810-0920
Tai Edwards
Cell: 4197647529


Individual Budget/Private Pay

Adult Foster Care
Supported Employment
Supported Living

Individual Budget/Private Pay: Adult Day Services

Adult Day Support

Level One Waiver

Home Maker Personal Care

Level One Waiver: Adult Day Services

Adult Day Support
Supported Employment - Community
Supported Employment - Enclave

Individual Options Waiver

Adult Foster Care
Home Maker Personal Care
NonMedical Transportation Mileage
NonMedical Transportation Trip
Residential Respite

Individual Options Waiver: Adult Day Services

Adult Day Support
Supported Employment - Community
Supported Employment - Enclave

Self Empowered Life Funding Waiver (SELF-Waiver)

Self Empowered Life Funding Waiver (SELF-Waiver): Adult Day Services

Adult Day Support
Supported Employment - Enclave
Transportation Non-Medical


Name: Edwards
Phone: 419-377-3833
Address: Toledo Oho


DODD Certification

Agency Profile

a) Describe your agency’s philosophy of providing services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

Garden Homes has a family oriented setting and everyone plays an integral part in providing excellent care. We provide 24 hour housing and care. We strive to provide our clients with individualized care and an array of activities/outings to suit their needs. These services are operated directly through Garden Homes.

b) Describe your agency’s staff orientation and training process.

All staff go through a background check. They are CPR and First aid certified. They also are required to complete a medication pass class. They have to have 2 year experience in home care or be a certified nurse aid or state tested nurse aid. We also have an Licensed Practical Nurse to provide assessments, evaluations, narcotic medication pass, G-tube, O2 Therapy and anything else the home health staff can not do. The employee will meet all clients and be trained to their specific needs

c) How are individuals with disabilities involved in selecting the agency’s staff that work with them?

We will send a staff out. We will ask the client if they would like that staff to work with them.

d) Describe your agency’s availability and flexibility in scheduling services and supports (days and hours available, areas of Lucas County willing to provide services, etc).

We are very flexible with the hours and days the client will need.

e) Describe how services will be provided in the event of an agency staff illness or emergency.

In that case the staff will be replaced with another staff or I will personally work with the client.

f) Describe how your agency would address individual or family concerns.

If there are any concerns we will address it as soon as possible and work on fixing it. Communication is very important.

g) Describe your agency’s specific strategies for increasing community inclusion and involvement for individuals served.

Our agency will take our clients to sporting events in the community. Bowling and pool tournaments that they can participate in. Camps, enter them in special Olympics. Also try to plan a trip or outing for all the clients in one day like Cedar point.

h) Does your agency offer one to one services?


i) Does your agency offer planned group outings or activities?


j) Identify your agency's areas of expertise.


• Homemaker/Personal Care
• Transportation/Non-Medical Transportation for adult day services
• Adult foster Care
• Adult Day Support
• Sec/See

• Homemaker/Personal Care
• Adult Day support
• Transportation/Non-Medical Transportation for adult day service

k) How many individuals does your agency serve in Lucas County?


l) What is the total number of individuals served by your agency Statewide?


m) How long has your agency been providing certified homemaker personal care services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

4 to 6 years

n) Which describes your agency:

Non Profit

o) Are your agency staff certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide medication administration?


p) Is your agency willing to provide Level One services?


q) How many staff in your agency provide direct support services?


r) Does your agency have both male and female staff?


s) What is the average length of service for your agency’s direct support staff?

as long as the client needs

t) Describe your agency's plan for continuing education and on-going training for agency staff?

We will do the training annually and make sure CPR, med administration and First Aid is up to date.

u) Please describe your agency’s internal system for quality assurance.

Garden Homes make sure the staff should be suitable for the intended needs of the client;We have follow up meeting to make sure the family and client is happy with services and our work. If there is any changes they will be addressed as soon as possible.
Mistakes should be eliminated and fixed immediately assuring things are properly done. Daily meetings will be established to ensure things are going well and to keep employees updated.

v) Include here any information about the agency that you want shared with an individual, family or guardian that will assist him/her to decide whether your agency is the best choice of provider.

Here at Garden Homes we are very passionate about our work with consumers. We schedule many activities and outings that our clients love. We are true advocates for your loved one!

- If yes, describe

Most of our individuals have their own staff. With one on one staff all attention is on that one client.

- If yes, describe

Every year we plan on going to an amusement parks, a basketball game and later in years to come we would love to do a cruise!

Adult Day Services

a) Does your agency offer paid employment?

- Piece Rate

- Hourly Rate

- Other

- Describe your paid employment opportunities.

b) Does your agency offer community outings?

- Describe community outings

c) Does your agency offer recreational/leisure activities?

- Describe recreational/leisure activities

d) Does your agency offer volunteer opportunities?

- Describe volunteer opportunities

e) Describe other activities offered

f) Does your agency have an established day services site that is in operation?

- Describe current services

g) Where is your agency’s day service site located?

h) What are the typical hours of your agency’s services/supports?

i) Describe a typical day for an individual who receives your agency’s day services?

j) Is your day service agency certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, or licensed by the Ohio Board of Nursing to administer medication?

k) Does your agency provide non-medical transportation?

l) How long has your agency been providing day services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

m) Date your agency began providing Adult Day Services (month/year):

n) How many individuals does your day program serve?

Does your agency provide Adult Day Services?