Absolute Freedom Transport Services, LLC

Doing Business As: Absolute Freedom Transport Service, LLC
Website: http://www.absolutecreativeliving.com
Currently serving individuals with developmental disabilities.
Currently seeking referrals.
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5533 Southwyck Blvd
Suite 206
Toledo, Ohio 43614
Main: (419) 885-2102
Fax: (419) 482-1146
Other 419-482-1149
Adult Day Service Location
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Lena Brank
Operations Manager, CFO, Agent
Phone: (419) 885-2102 ext 101
Cell: 419-482-1149
Other: 419-482-1149
Adult Day Service Contact
Greg Barnes
Driver Manager

Phone: 419.885.2102 ext 102
Cell: 419-870-8877
Adult Day Service Contact
Nosa Oviahon

Phone: 419-885-2102 ext 103


Individual Budget/Private Pay

Supported Living

Level One Waiver

Home Maker Personal Care

Individual Options Waiver

Home Maker Personal Care
NonMedical Transportation Mileage


No References Provided


Agency Profile

a) Describe your agency’s philosophy of providing services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

Absolute Freedom Transport Services - will respond promptly to your transportation requests. We service the elderly, developmentally disable and/or students (families/adults). Our drivers are punctual and considerate, as well as attentive to our clientele’s individual needs. Our designated routes extend to the city of Toledo and its neighboring communities.

b) Describe your agency’s staff orientation and training process.

Absolute Freedom Transport are background checked, competed the drive program training, abstract, CPR and First Aid trained, completed and passed alcohol and controlled substances test. Staff orientation consists of MUI training, Specialized Support and Rights of persons with developmental disabilities.

c) How are individuals with disabilities involved in selecting the agency’s staff that work with them?

Our clients have the right to choose.

d) Describe your agency’s availability and flexibility in scheduling services and supports (days and hours available, areas of Lucas County willing to provide services, etc).

Transportation Service hours are Monday - Sunday 6 am to 6 pm

e) Describe how services will be provided in the event of an agency staff illness or emergency.

Absolute Freedom Transport always has staff on call in case of an emergency. Our transportations services will not be interrupted for our clients.

f) Describe how your agency would address individual or family concerns.

Absolute Freedom Transport will address individuals and/or family concerns promptly! Our clients are very important to us and we will do whatever is necessary to correct any concerns.

It is the policy of Absolute Freedom Transport Services to ensure that each consumer will be given the opportunity to air grievances and complaints without fear of reprisal and to share ideas as well as feelings with other consumers and/or staff. This policy will be made available to consumers and legal guardians upon admission or service initiation.

g) Describe your agency’s specific strategies for increasing community inclusion and involvement for individuals served.

Our strategy for increasing community inclusion and involvement for our clients is to offer unlimited transportation, and support services to events such as, movies, shopping, concerts, political events, sporting events, fairs, etc., with unlimited support and assistance.

h) Does your agency offer one to one services?


i) Does your agency offer planned group outings or activities?


j) Identify your agency's areas of expertise.

Absolute Freedom Transport Service is an affordable and reliable service with certified driver’s who are reliable, courteous and always on time. We have been serving Lucas County & Surrounding communities for over 10 years.
Medicaid Approved Medicaid Waivers, DODD Certified, Private Pay, School Transportation, Shuttle Service, and Airport Runs.

k) How many individuals does your agency serve in Lucas County?


l) What is the total number of individuals served by your agency Statewide?


m) How long has your agency been providing certified homemaker personal care services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

0 to 3 years

n) Which describes your agency:

For Profit

o) Are your agency staff certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide medication administration?


p) Is your agency willing to provide Level One services?


q) How many staff in your agency provide direct support services?


r) Does your agency have both male and female staff?


s) What is the average length of service for your agency’s direct support staff?

4 hours a week for each client

t) Describe your agency's plan for continuing education and on-going training for agency staff?

Every year we attend mandatory MUI, Rights of Person w/developmental disabilities, and Specialized support training. Our staffs that provide service directly to consumers provide those services in a competent manner in order to meet the health and safety needs of the consumers in the facility for which they are responsible as described in the consumer's plan (ISP).

u) Please describe your agency’s internal system for quality assurance.

Every year Absolute Freedom Transport drivers are background checked, competed the drive program training, CPR and First Aid trained, completed and passed alcohol and controlled substances test. Staff orientation consists of MUI training, Specialized Support and Rights of persons with developmental disabilities

v) Include here any information about the agency that you want shared with an individual, family or guardian that will assist him/her to decide whether your agency is the best choice of provider.

Absolute Freedom Transport Services have 7 years of experience in transportation. Our client base includes: Lucas County Board of MDD, Harbor Behavioral, Ohio Medicaid, Lucas County Job and Family Services (LCJFS), as well as a number of private contracts. When you permit our skilled and caring staff to resolve your transportation needs, rest assured that every individual will be given the utmost respect and compassion.

- If yes, describe


Supportive Living

Supported Living is a service model based on principles that emphasize a person’s choice, self-determination and community integration.

Respite Care (Community)

Community Respite means services provided to individuals unable to care for themselves that are furnished on a short-term (60-day) basis because of the absence of or need for relief of those persons who normally care for the individuals. Community Respite shall be provided only outside of an individual’s home in a camp, recreation center, or other place where an organized community program or activity occurs.

Adult Day Support

Adult Day Support services are provided separately from any home or facility in which an individual resides, focus on non-work activities, and include five components:


· May be formal or informal, for the purpose of developing an Individual Service Plan (ISP);

Personal Care

· Includes personal hygiene, eating, communication, mobility, toileting, and dressing;

Skill Reinforcement

· Includes implementing behavioral intervention plans, and helps with the use of communication and mobility devices;

Training in Self Determination

· Includes developing self-advocacy skills and acquiring skills that enable an individual to become more independent;

Recreation and Leisure

· Includes supports identified in the ISP that are therapeutic, and help to develop and maintain social relationships and family contacts.

Home Maker Personal Care

Homemaker/Personal Care is provided in a person’s home and helps a person with daily living activities such as personal hygiene, dressing, and eating.

These services include:

· Basic personal care and grooming: bathing, hair care, and help with clothing.

· Helping the person to use the bathroom.

· Help with medications that are usually self-administered when ordered by a doctor.

· Household services essential to a person’s good health and comfort such as changing bed linens.

· Light cleaning in areas of the home used by the person.

· Preparation of a shopping list, grocery shopping and meal preparation.

· Laundry

· Other neighborhood errands including going to medical appointments or taking walks.

· Other activities that ensure the enrolled person’s safety, health and welfare.

Vocational Habilitation

Vocational habilitation services are designed to teach and reinforce concepts related to work, including responsibility, attendance, task completion, problem solving, social interaction, motor skill development, and safety.


Non-Medical Transportation (trip & Mileage), Non-Medical Transportation Commercial (trip & mileage), HPC transportation (Mileage & Commercial)

Transportation enables people on the waiver to travel to waiver and community services, activities and resources. Whenever possible, family, neighbors, friends or community agencies that can provide Transportation without charge will be used.

Non-Medical Transportation is transportation necessary to access Adult Day Support, Vocational Habilitation, Supported Employment-Enclave, and Supported Employment-Community waiver services, as specified by the Individual Service Plan. Non-Medical Transportation is available in addition to the Transportation waiver service, used primarily in connection with the provision of Homemaker/Personal Care.

- If yes, describe

Adult Day Services

a) Does your agency offer paid employment?


- Piece Rate

- Hourly Rate

$7.25 per hr

- Other

- Describe your paid employment opportunities.

b) Does your agency offer community outings?


- Describe community outings

c) Does your agency offer recreational/leisure activities?


- Describe recreational/leisure activities

d) Does your agency offer volunteer opportunities?


- Describe volunteer opportunities

e) Describe other activities offered

f) Does your agency have an established day services site that is in operation?


- Describe current services

g) Where is your agency’s day service site located?

h) What are the typical hours of your agency’s services/supports?

i) Describe a typical day for an individual who receives your agency’s day services?

j) Is your day service agency certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, or licensed by the Ohio Board of Nursing to administer medication?


k) Does your agency provide non-medical transportation?


l) How long has your agency been providing day services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

0 to 3 years

m) Date your agency began providing Adult Day Services (month/year):

May 2015

n) How many individuals does your day program serve?


Does your agency provide Adult Day Services?