Advanced Home Care of Ohio

Currently serving individuals with developmental disabilities.
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4841 Monroe St
Suite 240
Toledo, Ohio 43623
Main: 419-472-0059
Fax: 419-472-0902
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Johnna Croy
General Manager
Phone: 419-472-0059
Cell: 419-410-1241


Level One Waiver

Home Maker Personal Care

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Home Maker Personal Care

Self Empowered Life Funding Waiver (SELF-Waiver)

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Name: Seryna Ladue
Address: Monclova Oh 43542


DODD Certification

Agency Profile

a) Describe your agency’s philosophy of providing services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

Advanced Homecare of Ohio believe that compassion, and tenderness-the heart of caregiving promotes the highest quality of life. We believe that ultimate patient independence promotes self-esteem and dignity within the family unit. Facilitation of self-care needs is a vital part of the home care role. Recovery is best facilitated in patient's home setting where they are most comfortable and can interact and receive support from family members or significant others. We also believe in the concept of health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Advanced Homecare of Ohio is an agency that provides nursing and aide services to all individuals. Our nursing staff will come out to the clients home and provide nursing care to any client that is in need of nursing or support. The aide will come out and provide personal care, homecare, and companionship for the individuals. Advanced Homecare of Ohio's goal is to allow the client to remain in their homes as long as possible.

b) Describe your agency’s staff orientation and training process.

When an candidate comes to Advanced Homecare of Ohio we do thorough background check on each candidate. Once the candidate has been approved they are then brought in for orientation. In orientation we proceed to teach them about our policy and procedures, our Vision of the company, HIPPA laws, Clients Bill of Rights, and many other procedures that we feel the employ will benefit to be successful in their care to the client. Once the candidate has gone through the orientation in the office, they then go through orientation in the client's home. Advanced Homecare of Ohio will send out an experienced staff member to train the employee on the client and their care plan and ISP.

c) How are individuals with disabilities involved in selecting the agency’s staff that work with them?

When a Case Manager or a SASS calls Advanced Homecare of Ohio and give us the hours and days and information on the individual we then proceed to look for a staff member that would be a good fit for the client and the hours. If the aide comes to the home and the client is not happy with the staff member then they can call the office and ask for someone else.

d) Describe your agency’s availability and flexibility in scheduling services and supports (days and hours available, areas of Lucas County willing to provide services, etc).

Advanced Homecare of Ohio has flexible hours, we are able to schedule anyone no matter the time. We have a different kinds of cases, we have 24hr cases, 2,4,8 hr cases. Whatever is needed by the client, our staff works together to make sure our clients needs are met. As of right now Advanced Homecare of Ohio staffs all of Toledo and the surrounding area. Which consists of Waterville, Whitehouse, Monclova, Perrysburg, Oregon, and Point Place area.

e) Describe how services will be provided in the event of an agency staff illness or emergency.

If an staff member of Advanced Homecare of Ohio calls off, the office starts calling out to all staff members that are available to work. If for some reason the office cannot find someone to work with the individual, then someone with the experience will come out and work with the individual.

f) Describe how your agency would address individual or family concerns.

Advanced Homecare of Ohio takes all concerns from a client or their family very serous. When we receive a complaint or a concern we will investigate the situation and rectify the problem. If the family or the individual is not happy with the staff member then we will replace the staff member with someone else that is trained.

g) Describe your agency’s specific strategies for increasing community inclusion and involvement for individuals served.

Advanced HomeCare of Ohio works close with our clients, if they are in need of something we will do everything we can to help them find it. If a client needs to go to respite and is not sure where to go we with help find them a place to go. We keep up with all the events that our clients might enjoy going to. We also keep in close contact with their case manager or SASS. Our goal is to make the client feel comfortable with us. We want them to know that they are family.

h) Does your agency offer one to one services?


i) Does your agency offer planned group outings or activities?


j) Identify your agency's areas of expertise.

There is a copy of our brochure, but we also specialize in Pediatric special need multiple handicap, neonatal, and Vents/Trachs/ and G-tubes.

k) How many individuals does your agency serve in Lucas County?


l) What is the total number of individuals served by your agency Statewide?


m) How long has your agency been providing certified homemaker personal care services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

0 to 3 years

n) Which describes your agency:

For Profit

o) Are your agency staff certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide medication administration?


p) Is your agency willing to provide Level One services?


q) How many staff in your agency provide direct support services?


r) Does your agency have both male and female staff?


s) What is the average length of service for your agency’s direct support staff?


t) Describe your agency's plan for continuing education and on-going training for agency staff?

Our HR department makes sure that everyone is educated and trained monthly. They will make sure that any new training from Ohio Department of Developmental Disability is re-laid to all the staff once it comes out.

u) Please describe your agency’s internal system for quality assurance.

While Advanced Homecare of Ohio's staff is out caring for our clients the internal staff is checking and rechecking all the information that pertains to our clients. There are four set of eyes that check everything, it starts with the initial stage, then the scheduling stage, Nursing/DON stage, General Manager stage and then finally everything is checked again by billing. We also make sure all of our staff is well educated on each client. We also have a collaborate communication book that consist HHA certification, Plan of Care log for all stages of certification .

v) Include here any information about the agency that you want shared with an individual, family or guardian that will assist him/her to decide whether your agency is the best choice of provider.

Advanced Homecare of Ohio is a company that really cares for the client and their family, we will do all that is necessary to provide the care and compassion that they might need. We feel that the medical field has become more focus on money than on the client. At Advanced Homecare of Ohio we feel the opposite, the client and their family will always come first. We want the client to feel like they are care for by our company.

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