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Doing Business As: CareMinders Home care
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Currently serving individuals with developmental disabilities.
Currently seeking referrals.
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4405 Talmadge Rd, Suite B

Toledo, Ohio 43623
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Abhay Prasad
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Home Maker Personal Care
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Agency Profile

a) Describe your agency’s philosophy of providing services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

The mission of CareMinders® Home Care of Toledo is to provide compassionate non-medical and skilled care to people with disabilities at home or work by trained, passionate, and dedicated staff that continuously strives for excellence while maintaining the highest degree of standards.

b) Describe your agency’s staff orientation and training process.

Each of our caregivers are required to go through an orientation and detailing our companies policies and procedures, service delivery, quality & performance, blood-borne pathogens, exposure control, TB exposure, handwashing, PPE, MSDS hasardous communication, HIPAA, Emergency preparedness & disaster plans and drug screening. Then they are further trained on all board required training along with any additional training specific to their cases/assignments. They are subjected to DODD testing wherein they must score above 80% efficiency.

c) How are individuals with disabilities involved in selecting the agency’s staff that work with them?

We will work with each individual and their team to assign the correct caregiver taking into consideration personal preferences, interests, and circumstances of the individual. We also assign backup staff so far any reason the primary staff is not a good fit, they can be replaced by the backup without delay or missing any schedule.

d) Describe your agency’s availability and flexibility in scheduling services and supports (days and hours available, areas of Lucas County willing to provide services, etc).

Our agency provides flexibility in all scheduling. We work closely with the individual and their family to determine days and times that fit into their schedule- and match that with a caregiver who meets their personal preferences. We always assign a backup so that all schedule planned are taken care.

e) Describe how services will be provided in the event of an agency staff illness or emergency.

We assign our caregivers by case, not by shift. There will be a primary caregiver, and backups in the event a primary can’t make it. In case of illness or emergency we have backups for backups to meet most eventuality.

f) Describe how your agency would address individual or family concerns.

The Individual and family concerns are addressed on priority because for us they always come first. We have an emergency contact number 419-356-5368 which can be reached at anytime 24X7. If the assigned caregiver(s) does not work out we always have a backup to make sure that all concerns are taken care. We review all cases in the office and decide best options which is favorable to the individual or family. The caregivers are trained and counseled for any changes that are necessary to meet the required care.

g) Describe your agency’s specific strategies for increasing community inclusion and involvement for individuals served.

Based on Individual interest and hobbies, we first match the right caregiver. Then there are numerous community events taking place around the city which are either free or have very nominal fees. Our agency works with the caregiver to map out those events which are of interest for the individual and encourages participation for them. We also look at volunteering opportunities in the community which the individual would love to be a part.

h) Does your agency offer one to one services?


i) Does your agency offer planned group outings or activities?


j) Identify your agency's areas of expertise.

CareMinders® Home Care offers a vast range of skilled and non-skilled services and assistance to anyone requiring both long and short term in home assistance or support. We are proud to have the following advantages:

Industry-exclusive background screening of all caregivers
Drug-free and alcohol-free workplace
Highest quality standards as evidenced by working to achieve Joint Commission "Gold Seal" accreditation
Best practices utilized for evidenced based outcomes focused on improving the quality of life
Care is focused on multi-disciplinary, family-centered approach
Contingency planning for emergencies, both medical and natural

k) How many individuals does your agency serve in Lucas County?


l) What is the total number of individuals served by your agency Statewide?


m) How long has your agency been providing certified homemaker personal care services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

4 to 6 years

n) Which describes your agency:

For Profit

o) Are your agency staff certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide medication administration?


p) Is your agency willing to provide Level One services?


q) How many staff in your agency provide direct support services?


r) Does your agency have both male and female staff?


s) What is the average length of service for your agency’s direct support staff?

10-12 months

t) Describe your agency's plan for continuing education and on-going training for agency staff?

Our caregivers are also required to participate in continuing education as things change, and complete annual training & re-certifications. We track when re-certifications and annual trainings are due and ensure each caregiver has completed them prior to the expiration of the previous one. We also monitor changes and new technology/information in the industry and keep our staff up-to-date.

u) Please describe your agency’s internal system for quality assurance.

QPIP (Quality and Performance Improvement Program) is an exhaustive system to continuously monitor and improve the care we provide for our clients. We do monthly, quarterly and annually checks and update of all records and procedures for our clients and employees.

v) Include here any information about the agency that you want shared with an individual, family or guardian that will assist him/her to decide whether your agency is the best choice of provider.

Why We’re Different

Home Care CaregiverA client’s overall well-being and enhancing their “quality of life” is our top priority. CareMinders® Home Care of Toledo is unique because we take a distinctive case management approach with each and every person we serve.

We begin our home care process with a comprehensive assessment of each client’s physical, mental, social and environmental needs. Our assessment includes an evaluation of hazards and other risks in a client’s home, which may impact the treatment and the outcome of care. All risks are mitigated to the extent possible through a customized home care service plan, which is designed and supervised by a registered nurse. Every service plan is discussed with family members and medical personnel, with a main objective of improving the quality of life for our client.

All of our standards of performance are designed to provide the highest quality home care services possible.

- If yes, describe

Our company believes in providing one to one services. We match all clients with the right caregiver required for completing the desired outcome for the client and the family. For Individuals requiring care more than 40 hours, we train more people to be familiar with them and also for back ups.

- If yes, describe

Whenever there is an opportunity for a community event like Dance or Picnic, we organize a get together for all our clients who are interested. This gives them a chance to meet and greet and make new friends.

Adult Day Services

a) Does your agency offer paid employment?


- Piece Rate

- Hourly Rate

- Other

- Describe your paid employment opportunities.

b) Does your agency offer community outings?


- Describe community outings

c) Does your agency offer recreational/leisure activities?


- Describe recreational/leisure activities

d) Does your agency offer volunteer opportunities?


- Describe volunteer opportunities

e) Describe other activities offered

f) Does your agency have an established day services site that is in operation?


- Describe current services

g) Where is your agency’s day service site located?

h) What are the typical hours of your agency’s services/supports?

i) Describe a typical day for an individual who receives your agency’s day services?

j) Is your day service agency certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, or licensed by the Ohio Board of Nursing to administer medication?


k) Does your agency provide non-medical transportation?


l) How long has your agency been providing day services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

0 to 3 years

m) Date your agency began providing Adult Day Services (month/year):

n) How many individuals does your day program serve?


Does your agency provide Adult Day Services?