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Currently serving individuals with developmental disabilities.
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Toledo, Ohio 43610
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Shalonda Ezell
Director for Mary Ella Homes and Provider Services, LLC
Phone: 419720 4932
Cell: 419 944 7971


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Agency Profile

a) Describe your agency’s philosophy of providing services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

Mary Ella Homes and Provider Services is committed to the support and holistic care. We will maintain a philosophy of care that will enhance the abilities of all served. All individuals served will be given the opportunity of being "free to be me". We will endure challenges that will build relationships and enhance all of our lives through mutual growth and successful services. The commitment of care from Mary Ella Homes will be delivered with direct support and responsibility. Mary Ella Homes and Provider Services mission is to provide a caring and dependable service to our residents. A service that will enhance the abilities of those individuals served. We will achieve this service by treating others with dignity, respect, compassion, integrity and a love of togetherness. We will support, encourage and provide holistic care to all individuals served.

b) Describe your agency’s staff orientation and training process.

All staff at Mary Ella Homes are at first orientated and trained one to one. There is a questionnaire test given about working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Management also pick random questions and verbally test potential staff of their knowledge and experience in this field of work. We also as a group of potential Staff and Management watch a very good film together called "The Butterfly Circus", we view it together on You Tube. We picked this video because it is great at showing the determination, independence, basic needs, safety, shelter, a sense of belonging, acceptance, and self esteem, all these qualities that require anyone to live a good quality of life. Our goal for the video is to see what potential staff receive from watching the video and view and discuss six questions about the video. Once hired all staff go thru a week of training on individuals whom they will work with. Once training is completed we like to match hired staff in areas they are good at and with individuals they have developed a good communication and skill development with.

c) How are individuals with disabilities involved in selecting the agency’s staff that work with them?

Mary Ella Homes understand, respect and respond to all individuals in our care who receive assistance from staff at this agency. Individuals are given a choice to work with who they feel comfortable with and enjoy communicating with. Also for those individuals in our care who understands their choices and are verbally involved in their plan of care, they are encouraged to interview staff of their choice to provide care. Individuals in our care who can't verbally advocate for their self and we'll being, we observe body language and response to care and situations with individuals and staff, we also encourage and invite their appointed advocate to interview and select the appropriate staff for that individual. We maintain a motto of " free to be me" and that will be fulfilled thru choosing matched care and communication.

d) Describe your agency’s availability and flexibility in scheduling services and supports (days and hours available, areas of Lucas County willing to provide services, etc).

Mary Ella Homes take pride and responsibility in being care givers. Care givers understand that availability is needed 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our agency is flexible with providing services and supports to individuals needs. We are ready and available to give assisted, dependable care everyday with no specific time limit. We are available for a continuous around the clock care for any individuals need. We are willing to provide care for all of Lucas County area and we have made it known we are willing to provide services thru out the state of Ohio, if we are needed.

e) Describe how services will be provided in the event of an agency staff illness or emergency.

Mary Ella Homes understand that staff can also become ill and need to not show up for scheduled work. In fact, we encourage staff to remain distant if they are sick because the individual whom we take care of health is very important to keep healthy and safe from other germs and illnesses. We have on call staff to replace any staff in case there is a illness or emergency. We have selected staff who must carry and answer a specific phone line that is set up to replace ill or emergency needed replacement. Staff is asked to give a 24 hr notice if possible or 2 to 4 our notice before any shift to maintain good quality care at Mary Ella Homes.

f) Describe how your agency would address individual or family concerns.

Mary Ella Homes continued and growing mission is to provide a caring and dependable service to our residents, therefore we honor and value our motto "where the pieces of life fit," and that means we are the missing help piece that is missing from the puzzle of life. We strive on assisting individuals keep their puzzle of life together. If a individual or family member have any concern about any care we are providing our agency will address it IMMEDIATELY and acknowledge what we can do to change or provide better. We will also take consideration in what's best for the individual and work together as a team. As a team, when we approach a concern we will receive the best outcome for the individual, whom is the most important team member.

g) Describe your agency’s specific strategies for increasing community inclusion and involvement for individuals served.

Mary Ella Homes strategies for increasing community inclusion involve weekly community outings. During anyone's stay or connection with community recreation at MEH we offer cooking class, which involve grocery shopping in the community, one to one community activities and it's the individual choice of what services they want in the community. We do group activities, for example we offer a guys night and a ladies night out to enjoy a nice dinner at any restaurant of the groups choice. For the dinner night we ask that every one come out with 10-15$ for dinner and we pick a great meal from that amount. We also have bowling and pool shooting night. We bowl at Miracle Lanes at Miracle Mile, it is a very reasonable bowling night even cheaper if you have your own ball and shoes, we also enjoy the good food at the bowling alley while we bowl. We encourage and help individuals job search for jobs with their skill development by searching newspapers, online search of jobs and different day programs that fit their needs. We attend movie night in the community and we offer game night at our very inviting, fun, and comfortable Residential Respite Site. We also provide coaching skills that developed better daily living skills that can be used in the community.

h) Does your agency offer one to one services?


i) Does your agency offer planned group outings or activities?


j) Identify your agency's areas of expertise.

Mary Ella Homes has great experience with Residential Respite, we offer a very comfortable and inviting Respite Care Service. Individuals will feel right at home during their stay in a cozy, relaxing fun environment. Mary Ella Homes also has experience with Community Recreation. The Director of Mary Ella Homes worked for Sunshine Children's Home in the community recreation department for 3yrs and enjoyed the position, that experience taught MEH how to find different activities in the community and provide safe, on time pick ups for all individuals served.

k) How many individuals does your agency serve in Lucas County?


l) What is the total number of individuals served by your agency Statewide?

4 and a continuous open door of care for Respite individuals

m) How long has your agency been providing certified homemaker personal care services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

0 to 3 years

n) Which describes your agency:

For Profit

o) Are your agency staff certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide medication administration?


p) Is your agency willing to provide Level One services?


q) How many staff in your agency provide direct support services?


r) Does your agency have both male and female staff?


s) What is the average length of service for your agency’s direct support staff?

Mary Ella Homes length of service as a direct support staff is 4 to 8 hours

t) Describe your agency's plan for continuing education and on-going training for agency staff?

Mary Ella Homes offer a continuous level of training to staff on individuals and new updates to any individuals ISP. Management receive and maintain updated trainings and in return train all of MEH staff. Staff is also required to maintain updated first aid, CPR, and med pass certification in a timely manner. Staff is required to attend 8 hours of training every 45 days in order to be updated on changes to trainings and receive any training necessary for MEH to give good quality care.

u) Please describe your agency’s internal system for quality assurance.

Mary Ella Homes system of Quality Assurance is done by experienced staff, that have over 25yrs working with individuals with disabilities. Our experienced Human Relation Team keep up Quality Assurance on all individuals plan of care, assuring all ISP's are being followed with quality care and applied to each individual as a team of service. All staff is required to read updates and changes and give a signature to acknowledge they understand and will follow the service plan. Human Relations keep quality control by doing a weekly management of all care books, food items, documentation of medication, documentation of individual spending and savings fund, and maintaining yearly Health exams, along with other monitored daily living skills. Once a month we also do surveys to find out how the individual receiving the care feel about their care and we survey the staff member giving the care, with the intention to see where we need growth and a reward of satisfaction where we are doing awesome.

v) Include here any information about the agency that you want shared with an individual, family or guardian that will assist him/her to decide whether your agency is the best choice of provider.

Mary Ella Homes mission is to provide a caring and dependable service to our residents. A service that will enhance the abilities of those individuals served. We will achieve this service by treating others with dignity, respect, compassion, integrity and a love of togetherness.
MEH is a good Agency with experienced, vibrant, supportive, responsible and sociable staff. Choosing MEH will give families the comfort of connecting with a extended family whose goal and action is to provide a service "WHERE THE PIECES OF LIFE FIT," and life will become better for all individuals served.

- If yes, describe

Mary Ella Homes love to offer one to one quality time to individuals that we provide services too. MEH have learned from experience with one to one services for individuals, that it gives the person more chances to identify what makes them happy, what they like and don't like, someone to talk to and feel comfortable expressing feelings to. We offer different surprise outings with whatever any individual like and then we give them the option to choose what makes them feel good. One to one quality time creates friendship and not just client/ staff relationships. Mary Ella Homes continuing goal is to allow the two individuals experiencing one to one communication the opportunity to become friends and have fun.

- If yes, describe

Mary Ella Homes offer interesting, exciting, and a love of togetherness while enjoying group activities. We plan group outings according to what EVERYONE agree upon and like. We encourage positive friendship and appropriate communication even when we all are not together. At MEH, we teach safety as a group, communication skills as a group, and respect for others personal space. We give everyone the opportunity to pick something they like and enjoy to share as a group. We plan meals together, grocery shop and cook them. We do arts and crafts together and combine the crafts with a holiday theme. As a group we our big on whoever birthday it is and we have a celebration of that individuals choice and as group do something special.