Miles, Michelle D.

Currently serving individuals with developmental disabilities.
Currently seeking referrals.
Independent Provider


5819 Castlerock Dr.

Toledo, Ohio 43615
Main: (419) 266-2603
Other (419) 290-8328
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Michelle Miles
Phone: (419) 266-2603
Cell: (419) 290-8328


Individual Budget/Private Pay

Supported Living

Level One Waiver

Home Maker Personal Care
Informal Respite

Individual Options Waiver

Home Maker Personal Care

Self Empowered Life Funding Waiver (SELF-Waiver)

Clinical/Therapeutic Interventionist-CTI
Community Inclusion Transportation


Name: Sharon and Walter Rager
Phone: 419-841-1384
Address: Toledo, Ohio 43615
Name: Ken Chio
Phone: 248-921-6213
Address: Brighton, MI


DODD Certification

Ethics Commitment

Independant Profile

a) Describe your philosophy of providing services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

As a independant provider I seek to assist individuals reach their personal goals and dreams. My role will to to empower them when needed to accomplish whatever they desire to do, as long as it's safe to do so.

b) Describe yourself and your background/experience with individuals with disabilities.

I starting working with the Lucas County Board of DD in 1996 thu 2006 working with individuals with behaviorals. I assisted these individuals with building social and vocational skills to enchance their quality of life. May 2005 thur December 2012 I worked for Luther Home of Mercy as a Coordinator for Supportive Living. My duties consist of supervising staff, assisting clients with daily living skills, medical appointments, finances, and recreational activities. Currently working for A Renewed MInd as a Developmental Disability Coordinator of Adult Day Programming.

c) Describe any specialized training or education you have received to prepare you to work with individuals with disabilities. Describe any areas of expertise.

Expert at working with individuals with behaviorals or challenging problems.

d) Are you certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide medication administration?


e) Describe your availability and flexibility in scheduling services and supports for individuals with disabilities. (Days and hours available, areas of Lucas County you are willing to provide services, etc)

Monday thru fridays after 5pm and Sundays

f) Are you available days?


g) Are you available evenings?


h) Are you available weekends?


i) How long have you been providing certified homemaker personal care services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

0 to 3 years

j) How many individuals do you serve in Lucas County?

2 to 4

k) Describe how services will be provided in the event of your illness or emergency.

I have a back up provider if the client doesn't want me to reschedule.

l) Describe how you would address individual or family concerns.

Contact SASS if it is a situation that I am unable to address.

m) Describe specific strategies for increasing community inclusion and involvement for individuals served.

Take the time to get to know the individual and find out what they like to do, and participate in the activity with the individual.

n) Include here any information about you that you want shared with an individual, family or guardian that will assist him/her to decide whether you are the best choice of provider.

I am willing to meet with the families to give them the opportunity to address any concerns they may have about their family members. I managed group homes for 7 years and I had a open door policy for family members, therefore everyone can assure the client is being taking care of at all times.

- Indicate days & times:

- Indicate days & times:

saturdays after 5pm, anytime Sundays

- Indicate days & times:

saturdays after 5pm, anytime Sundays

- When did you begin providing services in Lucas County (month/year)

October 2012