Weaver, Susan

Website: susan_weaver567@gmail.com
Not currently serving individuals with developmental disabilities.
Currently seeking referrals.
Independent Provider


906 W. College Ave., Apt. H

Woodville, Ohio 43469
Main: 419.262.1419
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Susan Weaver
Independent Provider
Phone: 419.262.1419
Cell: 419-262-1419


Individual Budget/Private Pay

Supported Living

Level One Waiver

Home Maker Personal Care

Individual Options Waiver

Home Maker Personal Care


Name: Deb Werling
Phone: 419-307-1434
Address: Fremont Ohio 43420
Email: None
Name: Conrad Marsili
Phone: 614-206-4396
Address: Marblehead Ohio 43440
Email: conrad.marsili@gmail.com
Name: Amy Hernandez
Phone: 419-707-4185
Address: Millbury, Ohio 43447
Email: mramyhernandez@gmail.com


DODD Certification

Ethics Commitment

Independant Profile

a) Describe your philosophy of providing services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

My philosophy is to empower individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to have more choices and opportunities now and in the future.

b) Describe yourself and your background/experience with individuals with disabilities.

I am a hard working individual that has been in this business for 25 years. I have be a supervisors and a team leader in my jobs . I have known this is my calling in life to server this special individuals. I have trained staff to always built a relationship with the clients . My top priority is to always show the clients with the most respect and dignity. I have taking care of individuals with disabilities from Facilities and Home Care.

c) Describe any specialized training or education you have received to prepare you to work with individuals with disabilities. Describe any areas of expertise.

I have CPR ,Meds, and STNA training, I also had training through the jobs that i have had.

d) Are you certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide medication administration?


e) Describe your availability and flexibility in scheduling services and supports for individuals with disabilities. (Days and hours available, areas of Lucas County you are willing to provide services, etc)

I am available Monday through Sunday and what ever hours are require of me because I am making the commitment to take care of the individual in his daily living schedule such as Dr. Appointments and any activities they are in involve.

f) Are you available days?


g) Are you available evenings?


h) Are you available weekends?


i) How long have you been providing certified homemaker personal care services in Lucas County to individuals with developmental disabilities?

0 to 3 years

j) How many individuals do you serve in Lucas County?

0 to 1

k) Describe how services will be provided in the event of your illness or emergency.

I take my position very seriously. I am punctual and reliable. However, in the event of an illness, I would work around my schedule to resolve any matters. In event of emergency, I will have a licensed provider on call for emergency situations.

l) Describe how you would address individual or family concerns.

I will always have open communication with the family and if there is a concern you always think of the clients health and safety.

m) Describe specific strategies for increasing community inclusion and involvement for individuals served.

I always get notifications from the county's what activities are going on in the community and i will make sure that the client sign up the activity that she/ he can participate .

n) Include here any information about you that you want shared with an individual, family or guardian that will assist him/her to decide whether you are the best choice of provider.

i have learned throughout the years that any individual no matter what the clients disabilities are they understand when a person comes into their lives the client can sense if the person genuinely cares. i believe that these special individuals are here to teach us to be patient, to be compassionate and they are so unique in their own way. I have worked for 20 years in facilities with DODD and 5 years in supported living. I know this is my calling in life, I will continue to serve these individuals.

- Indicate days & times:

Monday thru sunday 24/7

- Indicate days & times:

Saturday and Sunday 24 hrs

- Indicate days & times:

Saturday and Sunday 24 hrs

- When did you begin providing services in Lucas County (month/year)

New provider